Depressingly Small Fine for Inducing Karoshi

This story from two years ago describes two sad cases of karoshi in Japan, both suicides.  In one the victim, a construction worker on Tokyo’s Olympic stadium had recorded 190 hours of overtime in the preceding month.  In the other, the employer was actually fined for their behaviour, but the punishment was absurdly lenient:

…in the case of Matsuri Takahashi, a 24-year-old employee at Japanese advertisement agency Dentsu, Tokyo’s summary court ordered the company to pay a 500,000-yen [$4,600 USD]  fine over her suicide in 2015. After doing 100 hours of overtime a month, Takahashi developed depression and leaped from her apartment building to death. The meager amount of the fine angered many Japanese, who sympathized with Takahashi and her mother, who has since become an anti-karoshi activist.